2D Laser Cut

Laser cut is a thermal cutting process using highly localized melting or vaporization cut by means of a light beam and the help of a high-pressure gas. It is the best option for metal cutting.

We offer a clean cut, without bevel nor residues, both in linear cuts and varied geometries.

Equipment characteristics:

TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 (L20)
Cutting bed: 60 x 120" (1.50 x 3.00 m)
Cutting tolerance: +/- 0.078 mils (+/- 0.002 mm)


Carbon steel up to 3/4”
Stainless steel up to 5/8”
Aluminum up to 3/8”


  • • Precision and quality
  • • Greater productivity
  • • Clean cut with no residues
  • • Flexibility
  • • Non-polluting
  • • Low cost
2D Precision laser cut| Precision Cut
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