Privacy notice

Precision Cut / Precisión en Cortes Lasser S.A. de C.V. publishes the terms and conditions for personal information usage and advertising used on its website.


Authorization for information processing
By agreeing to these terms, the holder of the information authorizes Precision Cut / Precisión en Cortes Lasser S.A. de C.V., to gather and process their personal information (for instance name, phone number, email, etc.) that by their own will discloses in oral, written, physical, electronic, visual, sonic or any other way, that may contain sensitive personal information. 

They grant as well authorization for Precision Cut / Precisión en Cortes Lasser S.A. de C.V., to process, use, store, and/or transfer their personal information (including sensitive information) to third parties, being domestic or foreign, as long as information is used for the means pointed out as follows: 

Personal information including sensitive personal information, will only be used to fulfil the ends for which they were provided by their holder, for instance: to be part of the suppliers' registry, to be part of the clients' registry, to the fulfilment of obligations derived from mercantile operations in which they are part, for instance, transactions, supply contracts, work contracts, etc., civil contracts like renting, cession or service contracts, financial operations, payments, or to provide information about products, services, promotions, surveys or warnings that interest them, to fulfil obligations undertaken with our clients, to inform changes on products or services, to complete internal studies on consumption habits and to answer legal requirements from authorities with jurisdiction.

Data Protection
Precision Cut / Precisión en Cortes Lasser S.A. de C.V., has the physical and digital means to protect and to limit the disclosure of their information and it does not obtain nor stores information of any kind by means of cookies, web beacons or things alike during their access to its Web page and does not use the individuals' information for ends different from the related to its commercial operations and/or those indicated above.

Means to act on their rights relative to their information
At any time the holders of the personal information may act on their rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose their information, or revoke the consent granted to us for processing their personal information, in order for us to stop using it. For this purpose, it is necessary that they present a written request directed to Precision Cut/Precisión en Cortes Lasser S.A. C.V., at the address hereby established, indicating the address and/or email to receive notifications, documentation to verify their identity, a clear description of the personal information, the object of the request and they must attach copies of the documents or elements pertaining to their request. Precision Cut / Precisión en Cortes Lasser S.A. de C.V., will respond within 20 days from the receipt of the request and the response will be sent by the means selected on it. 

Any modification to the terms of the Privacy notice will be notified at the portal and if there is no opposition within a 5-days term after the modification, it will be assumed the information owner allows and agrees on the new terms. 

By providing personal and sensitive information in a physical or electronic way, or by any means, you declare that you have read this Privacy Notice and that you understand its reach and content, and by not expressing opposition in writing before the mentioned company, you express your whole agreement with the terms and authorizations hereby contained. 

If you do not agree with the terms indicated hereby, do not enter nor provide your personal information by any means. 

Precision Cut / Precisión en Cortes Lasser S.A. de C.V., indicates as its address for effects of this notice the located at Calle Mario Rojas Avendaño #129, Colonia San Simon Ticumac, 03660 Mexico City.

Mexico City, January 2019.